Our story

POW LAB is a brand founded in 2023 by two passionate Hong Kong girls who are deeply in love with snow sports.

We have an unwavering affection for the time spent on snowy slopes and an unparalleled passion for skiing. Whether it's the summer in the Southern Hemisphere or the winter in the Northern Hemisphere, we practically spend the majority of our year on the snow.

We also work as skiing instructors part-time, not only indulging in the joy of skiing but also hoping to pass on the love of this sport through teaching, allowing more people to experience the thrill of skiing.

During our teaching endeavors, we often encounter the issue of improper equipment for our students. Some struggle to find gear that suits them, while others make hasty purchases without a clear understanding. Even as instructors, we sometimes face the challenge of finding suitable equipment. Especially in the powder snow of Japan and the high mountains of New Zealand, facing ever-changing weather conditions, we have come to deeply understand the importance of proper equipment in skiing. Particularly in harsh weather, equipment not only affects performance but also impacts our mood.

It is from these experiences that we were inspired to establish our brand.

With our extensive time spent on the snow, our wealth of experience is evident. Apart from teaching, we aspire to share the most suitable products with you as experts in the field.

Our goal is to offer a wide range of sport products, mainly snowsport that cater to the needs of our customers and help them have the best experience in the harshest weather.